Kihei Beach Guide

Kihei has amazing golden yellow sand beaches that border an emerald blue ocean. The waves here are usually calm and relaxing. Most beaches in Kihei are bordered on either end by a lava rock bluff that offers ideal conditions for snorkeling and viewing the coral reef. Green sea turtles are common and on a rare occasion a Monk Seal might be seen sunning itself on the rocks.

In the winter months between November and March, humpback whales are a common sight. They can be seen either breeching the water, slapping the water with their tail or ejecting a plume of mist when they exhale. By swimming underwater and listening, the sound of the male humpbacks singing is usually guaranteed in the Winter.

Kamaole 1 and Charlie Young Beach     Kamaole 2 Beach     Cove Park     Kamaole 3 Beach