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Kamaole 1 and Charlie Young Beach

Here's a video I made of Kamaole 1 beach and Charlie young beach. Charlie young beach is actually the name of the Northern portion of Kamaole beach. Kamaole One is the largest of the three Kamaole beaches. It is also the most northernly of the 3.

North of Kamaole 1 beach is some lava rock in stretching from the rocky shoreline down to about 12ft deep. It has some good snorkeling and we often see Sea Turtles, a variety of tropical fish - a lot of which are native to Hawaii, and occasionally a school of cuttlefish. Cuttlefish look like squid and have big eyes, so that was pretty neat to see. Ending the southern part of Kamaole One is some more rocky shoreline and much the same in terms of coral reefs. I find the coral North of Kamaole 1 more exciting however because it has some cool passageways and small caves where turtles can be found.

Aproximately 1/4 mile North of Kamaole One is Cove Park (see my Cove Park video). It is where surfing happens in Kihei, including surf lessons. I ridden waves for over 30 seconds because they can break so far from shore.

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Kamaole 1 and Charlie Young Beach video